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Assisted Living Facility

Giving your loved one a nurturing and loving home environment when they’re no longer able to live independently is priceless. Our assisted living facility provides long-term care for your loved ones and covers all of their personal or medical requirements by providing different services tailored to their needs. Our objective is to provide them with a healthy, safe, and enriching environment where they can thrive and live comfortably.

The peace of mind we give you and your family knowing that your loved one is being cared for professionally in ways that exceed your needs and expectations is one of our goals. We actively determine the needs, wants, and interests of our residents. We’re dedicated to doing everything possible to bringing happiness to our residents and ultimately, act as an enriching influence in their lives. This includes, but isn’t limited to:

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Division Line

Respite Care

Going on vacation? Have to hunker down at work for a couple weeks and concerned you can’t provide for your loved one the way you normally do? We love company! Join us for a daily, weekly, or monthly “respite care” stay. These are great for helping caregivers take some time off, let seniors dip their toes into assisted living, or help you manage your obligations.

It’s okay to need a break. Many adults are taking responsibility for their parents or other loved ones in their own middle and old age, pitching in their time and finances to ensure an enjoyable retirement for the people who gave so much for them. Thinking about your own health in that time isn’t selfish, and you should take advantage of services available to you to help manage it. Providing for a senior with care needs every day can make work, running errands, or even just relaxing difficult. Seeking help with caregiving is completely normal, and Harmony Sun City Care is pleased to offer all-inclusive respite care to seniors in the El Paso, Tx and Las Cruces, NM area.

Our respite care program gives you a break and seniors a “short-term assisted living” experience before returning to their home and normal routine of care. Seniors staying for respite care receive the same exemplary care and services we provide to all our residents. This includes, but isn’t limited to:

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